50th Year Reunion-09/19-22/ 2019


SAVE the date.....Fall 2019

September 19-22, 2019 for the 1969 50th Class Reunion (Classes from 1966-1972 invited.) for the next Reunion.  Our foreign exchange student, Disa Bjarnson, is planning on joining us from Iceland.  Disa hopes to see everyone from near and far for this event as well as alumni from other classes!


Friday September 6th, 2019

  A pre-reunion Grand Canyon trip beginning in Las Vegas on Friday, September 6th is coming together thanks to Ken & Kitty Taghon.  Grand Canyon Expeditions, an outfitter used successfully by friends and family, will provide everything needed for a motorized raft 8 day trip through the entire length of the Canyon from Lee’s Ferry.  Find out more: https://www.gcex.com/ or call Nan McCormick +1 (844)265-2845 or +1 (800) 544-2691 or email nan@gcex  The cost is $2858 with a $500 deposit.

            There are 13 spaces open now for the September 6, 2019 departure date. Ken & Kitty Taghon, Disa Bjarnason, Disa's friends from Iceland, Valdamir & Gudny, Scott & I are booked with 7 of the 15 spaces already reserved.  If you are interested, please call Nan or book online directly (but let me know so I can keep us all in communication). 

            Our tentative plan is to fly into Las Vegas a couple of days before so that the Iceland group can spend a bit of time in the glitz! GCEX will ferry us in and out of Las Vegas.  

           Disa and others on the GC adventure will be back in Vale on September 19-22, 2019 for the 1969 50th Class Reunion (Classes from 1966-1972 invited.)  Save the date postcards will be mailed in the next 6 weeks so please make sure you, our friends and classmates are registered or have updated their contact information at our vale69.com classcreator site!

          Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

GO VIKINGS!   Laura 

PS  If you would like to arrange for other pre or post reunion activities, but let Judy Hawkins Oliver or myself know, and we will make sure to send an announcement email to whatever class(es) you would like to invite!