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By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo


Deane A Hess (Class Of 1950)  

Leland Roy Barnes (Class Of 1946)  
Pat Cammann (Class Of 1967)  
Orval Earl Caverhill (Class Of 1946)  
Andrea Lynn Clark (Sigrah) (Class Of 1989)  
Mark Freeman (Class Of 1969)  
Patricia Gray (DeLong) (Class Of 1954)  
Alta Jo Ann Guerricagoitia (Urcaregui) (Class Of 1964)  
William Ingram (Class Of 1964)  
Lesley Lammers (Class Of 1969)  
Sharon Kay Lavender (Kinney) (Class Of 1958)  
Micky Maynard (Class Of 1960)  
Marilyn Lou McLaughlin (Jagow) (Class Of 1962)  
Jose Medina (Class Of 1977)  
Dee Nelson (Class Of 1970)  
Dewey Edwin Olund (Class Of 1953)  
Joan Marie Page (Ingram) (Class Of 1955)  
Pearl Odessa Vaughan (Bates) (Class Of 1951)  
Donald Lee Wolfe (Class Of 1959)  
Dianna May Zinie (Donat) (Class Of 1973)  

Kirt Adams (Class Of 1969)  
Connie Elfering (Moyer) (Class Of 1965)  
Margerie Evelyn Foster (Shoemaker) (Class Of 1947)  
Donna Guerricagoitia (Fortenberry) (Class Of 1970)  
Robert Leo Johnson (Class Of 1961)  
Susan Louise Kessler (Chandler) (Class Of 1958)  
Helen Emiko Kondo (Okai) (Class Of 1944)  
Andrew Koopman (Class Of 1957)  
George Freddie Kruck (Class Of 1950)  
Bonnie Jean Lester (Fulleton) (Class Of 1940)  
Mary Margaret Long (Payne) (Class Of 1959)  
Robert Dean Maag (Class Of 1961)  
Jo Darlene Metcalf (Standage) (Class Of 1953)  
Bernice Roy (Jones) (Class Of 1940)  
Darrell Ray Skinner (Class Of 1954)  
Denny L Tucker (Class Of 1974)  
Lloyd Wycott (Class Of 1955)  
Dave Yraguen (Class Of 1972)  

Mike Aldred (Class Of 1971)  
Neal Barlow (Class Of 1966)  
Bruce Bond (Class Of 1971)  
Lyle Bunyard (Class Of 1965)  
Alfonso Canales (Class Of 1964)  
Rodney Chester (Class Of 1965)  
Bradley Dean Clark (Class Of 1988)  
Robert Cochran (Class Of 1974)  
Curtis Wayne Culp (Class Of 1954)  
Lewis Ethbert Dearborn (Class Of 1942)  
Donita Dentinger (Olsen) (Class Of 1968)  
Nicholas John Eddy (Class Of 1953)  
Jerry Erstrom (Class Of 1967)  
Lawrence Fifer (Class Of 1963)  
Edrie Foster (Tiffany) (Class Of 1949)  
Don Freeman (Class Of 1971)  
Gerald “Jerry” George (Class Of 1946)  
Bonnie Jean Girvin (Magnuson) (Class Of 1949)  
Gary Goff (Class Of 1958)  
Calvin Neil Haitt (Class Of 1997)  
Scott Harris (Class Of 1971)  
Jonathon "Johnny" Harrison (Class Of 2015)  
Robert L. Harrod (Class Of 1953)  
Raymond Hartley (Class Of 1961)  
Jenifer Haueter (Sharrai) (Class Of 2007)  
Richard Allen Hood (Class Of 1975)  
Max Brent Huffaker (Class Of 1961)  
John Joaquin Jaramillo (Class Of 1942)  
Susan Jarvis (Faw) (Class Of 1966)  
Jo Ann Jordan (McDonald) (Class Of 1956)  
Steven Daniel Kerpa (Class Of 2007)  
Joseph Lawrence (Class Of 1948)  
Janice Joanne Linville (Russell) (Class Of 1948)  
Claudia Montague (Widmer) (Class Of 1967)  
Margie Deann Perry (Jones) (Class Of 1960)  
William J. ‘Red' Price (Class Of 1949)  
Elizabeth Lee Reed (McBride) (Class Of 1963)  
RuLyn Rizzuto (Loveall) (Class Of 1983)  
Jack Robertson (Class Of 1971)  
Ila Mae Shartner (Staab) (Class Of 1961)  
Edward Stephens (Class Of 1947)  
William Tiffany (Class Of 1964)  
Ruby Chloe Turner (Linville) (Class Of 1958)  

Ida Laurell Allen (Widener) (Class Of 1981)  
Daniel James Armstrong (Class Of 1962)  
Raymond B. Barnes (Class Of 1952)  
William Henry Beal (Class Of 1956)  
Charles Yancey Becker (Class Of 1959)  
Jack Burns (Class Of 1967)  
Stormie Gale Cummings (Class Of 1970)  
Lindy Dean Dentinger (Class Of 1947)  
Ed Guerricagoitia (Class Of 1968)  
Clyde Willard Hager (Class Of 1949)  
Gary Kamo (Class Of 1966)  
Carl Elbert Kochsmeier (Class Of 1954)  
Judith Leggitt (Bishop) (Class Of 1959)  
Judith Majhor (Standard) (Class Of 1963)  
Frank Mares (Class Of 1968)  
Sandra Diane Mayo (Reilly) (Class Of 1965)  
Darla Mikkelsen (Neilson) (Class Of 1962)  
Violet LaVelle “Vi” Nelson (Fields) (Class Of 1935)  
Daniel Edward Netcher (Class Of 1954)  
Kathy Ann Noblit (Class Of 1978)  
Erma “Kay” Palmer (Lamb) (Class Of 1957)  
Peggy Price (Bertalotto Mosso) (Class Of 1967)  
Victor Ramirez (Class Of 1998)  
Sandra Reilly (Class Of 1965)  
Helen Russell (Russell-Sokol) (Class Of 1947)  
Paul Wesley Shaw  
Albert “Ray” Stoaks (Class Of 1956)  
Sharon Lee Swygart (Cole) (Class Of 1958)  
Lillian Teresa Syrovatka (Wilkins) (Class Of 1946)  
Perry Tolman (Class Of 1965)  
Calvin Van Haueter (Class Of 1951)  
Shirley Jean Van Horn (Mallon) (Class Of 1949)  

Rebecca Rae (Stoaks (Kays) (Class Of 1985)  
Barbara Neil Atkins (Maggard) (Class Of 1962)  
Glade Jack Chadwick (Class Of 1950)  
Donna Marie Faw (Hale) (Class Of 1945)  
Betty Jean Feldman (Byram) (Class Of 1945)  
Bob Fleming (Class Of 1968)  
Owen George Froerer (Class Of 1949)  
Darlene Fay Johnson (Class Of 1958)  
James Matthew "Matt" Johnson (Class Of 1978)  
James Ronald "Ron" Johnson (Class Of 1958)  
Rick Johnson (Class Of 1968)  
Charles (Chuck) Kuwahara (Class Of 1978)  
Elden Mitchell (Class Of 1965)  
Sidney Wayne Mulvany Sr. (Class Of 1964)  
Julie Rae Obermeier (Gregory) (Class Of 1988)  
Equilla Joy Parkhurst (Carter) (Class Of 1949)  
Mary Ellen Powell (Groen) (Class Of 1940)  
Graydon H. Russell (Class Of 1945)  
Randy Lee Simmons (Class Of 1965)  
Stanley Spier (Class Of 1971)  
Cherry Lee Steinke (Dickson) (Class Of 1968)  
Rebecca Rae Stoaks (Kays) (Class Of 1985)  
Richard A. Thompson (Class Of 1961)  
Elizabeth Tucker (Dawley) (Class Of 1972)  
Joe Yraguen (Class Of 1966)  

Kimi Michelle Ball (Seals) (Class Of 2000)  
Doris Frances Boren (Standage) (Class Of 1953)  
Dan Byington (Class Of 1970)  
LaVonne Violet Evins (Shaw) (Class Of 1955)  
Barbara Fulleton (Palmer) (Class Of 1967)  
Richard Kent Fulwyler (Class Of 1958)  
Jon Allison Hall (Class Of 1976)  
Donald Keith Meldrum (Class Of 1941)  
Barbara Jeanne Reilly (Struthers) (Class Of 1944)  
Gary E. Smith (Class Of 1958)  
Kay Smith (Class Of 1956)  
Darrell Dee Standage (Class Of 1946)  
Wanda Leola Thompson (Maag) (Class Of 1949)
John Tiffany (Class Of 1961)  
Donald Lee Tindall (Class Of 1967)  
Barbara Townley (Maher) (Class Of 1967)  
Rodney Williams (Class Of 1971)  

Ron Antonsen (Class Of 1967)  
David Castleberry (Class Of 1961)  
Frances Ceniga (Pugh) (Class Of 1943)  
Erma Mae Girvin (Tschida) (Class Of 1947)  
Steve Netcher (Class Of 1977)  
Myrtle Smith Gardner (Haitt) (Class Of 1951)  
John G. Tucke (Class Of 1949)  

Raymond Belnap (Class Of 1943)  
Raymond Stanley Belnap (Class Of 1942)  
Thomas Russel Braniff (Class Of 1947)  
Donald Harry Burkhardt (Class Of 1957)  
Billie Fifer (Class Of 1961)  
Wallace Canol (Bud) Hammack (Class Of 1945)  
Craig Hawk (Class Of 1977)  
Wayne Kinney (Class Of 1960)  
Sandra Mayo (Clark) (Class Of 1965)  

Charles Anthony (Class Of 1971)  
Sharon Grace Ashcraft (Nott) (Class Of 1965)  
Gus Boyd (Class Of 1960)  
Esther Lucille Burns (Cockeram) (Class Of 1958)  
Betty Pauline Dyal (Lee) (Class Of 1955)  
Mary Helen Glenn (Mason) (Class Of 1958)  
Matthew Allan Johnson (Class Of 2003)  
Judy Justus (Kennedy) (Class Of 1971)  
Doug Kamo (Class Of 1968)  
Ken Kerpa (Class Of 1968)  
Camille Lasswell (Netcher) (Class Of 1954)  
David Long (Class Of 1960)  
John McKinney (Class Of 1972)  
Kenneth Romans (Class Of 1951)  
Fred Scott (Class Of 1954)  
Mary Ann Syrovatka (Erstrom) (Class Of 1945)  
Allen White (Class Of 1970)  

Myron Folles (Class Of 1960)  
Kathleen Maag (Stone) (Class Of 1976)  
Faith Miller (Garrett) (Class Of 1971)  
Mike Price (Class Of 1969)  
Ernie Staab (Class Of 1973)  

Shaun Cummings (Class Of 1977)  
Bob Lancaster (Class Of 1971)  
Gary Miner (Class Of 1966)  

Nancy Fields (Coats) (Class Of 1960)  
Bob Standage (Class Of 1972)  
Dale Wayne (Class Of 1960)  

Linda Sue Brown (Mellum) (Class Of 1967)  
Betty Coons (Eskridge) (Class Of 1960)  
Lois Elfering (Edwards) (Class Of 1970)  
Robert Kendall (Class Of 1967)  
David Perkins (Class Of 1977)  

Eileen Mae Barnes (Bishop) (Class Of 1948)  
Ralph DeLong (Class Of 1968)  
Judy Garred (Grant) (Class Of 1960)  
Diana Hood (Bisbee) (Class Of 1977)  
Marilyn Sue Kuwahara (Flanagan) (Class Of 1973)  

Pat Colwell Brasket (Class Of 1960)  
Dale Dinger (Class Of 1960)  
Patricia Fleming (Burke) (Class Of 1969)  
Gary Glascock (Class Of 1965)  
Jerry Lammers (Class Of 1969)  
Bruce Shiery (Class Of 1968)  

Michael Brent Barlow (Class Of 1969)  
Jennifer Elfering (Hand) (Class Of 1969)  
Patricia Fifer (Class Of 1965)  
John Haines Jacobs (Class Of 1942)  
Dennis Nakamoto (Class Of 1961)  
Linda Taylor (Beal) (Class Of 1960)  
David Charles White (Class Of 1969)  

Helene Kygar (Melton) (Class Of 1960)  

Ramiro Martinez (Class Of 1983)  
Carlene Page (Class Of 1966)  

Jamie Kitamura (Class Of 1967)  
John Ussing (Class Of 1960)  

Robert E. McManus (Class Of 1969)  

Bradley High (Class Of 1967)  
Linda Whitley (Oppenheimer) (Class Of 1977)  

Thomas Brownlee (Class Of 1964)  
Byron Kearbey (Class Of 1970)  

Carolyn Reilly (Class Of 1970)  

Dale Potter (Class Of 1969)  

John Barker (Class Of 1968)  
Randy Findley (Class Of 1967)  

Daniel L. Brinton (Class Of 1969)  
Tom Potter (Class Of 1967)  
Denice Schnell (Class Of 1968)  

Leroy Elmer Vaughn (Class Of 1960)  

James Earl Tolman (Class Of 1967)  

David Girvin (Class Of 1967)  
Michael M. Jacobs (Class Of 1972)  

Tommy Tucker (Class Of 1963)  

Linda McLaughlin (Class Of 1970)  

Rumaldo Lugo (Class Of 1972)  
Richard Vilsmeyer (Class Of 1970)  

Michael Thode (Class Of 1969)  

Allan Hammond (Class Of 1977)  
Doug Moore (Class Of 1977)  

Bret McClay (Class Of 1977)  

Steve Siler (Class Of 1967)  

Timothy Mendive (Class Of 1966)  

Jeff Foster (Class Of 1977)  

Dave Patterson (Class Of 1967)  

Anna Dimmitt (Class Of 1971)  
Dianne Parkhurst (Class Of 1971)  

Stan Monson (Class Of 1960)  

Armita Adams (Class Of 1967)  
Eldon Baker (Class Of 1972)  
Catherine Barnes (Milleson) (Class Of 1960)  
JoAnn Belnap (Class Of 1968)  
Brandi Lee “Bump” Bernard (Anderton) (Class Of 1990)  
Jack Bowman (Class Of 1967)  
Carrie Lou Buermann (Class Of 1960)  
Christine Chapel (Class Of 1968)  
Jean Terese Coleman (Essex) (Class Of 1945)  
Della Edmonds (Jones) (Class Of 1966)  
Marilyn Edmondson (Class Of 1966)  
Julie Elfering (Lacey) (Class Of 1971)  
Toni Fukiage (Class Of 1970)  
William “Bill” Gilley (Class Of 1950)  
Gayle Kenneth Greenfield (Class Of 1959)  
John Hasler (Class Of 1968)  
Randy Hawkins (Class Of 1970)  
Joe Holton (Class Of 1965)  
Carolyn Jantzen (Class Of 1966)  
Janet Jantzen (Class Of 1979)  
Larry Jantzen (Class Of 1976)  
Cindy Jones (Class Of 1978)  
Nancy Keller (Class Of 1969)  
Alfredo Medina, Jr. (Class Of 1969)  
John Milleson (Class Of 1960)  
Bill Murdock (Class Of 1978)  
Diana Netcher (Thurmond) (Class Of 1977)
Ron Page (Class Of 1968)  
Ruby Page (Stoner) (Class Of 1960)  
Jerry Robert Pappe (Class Of 1952)  
Leonel Ruiz (Class Of 1968)  
Brian Shell (Class Of 1978)  
Jim Shurtiliff (Class Of 1961)  
Laurie Ann Staab (Hamm) (Class Of 1974)  
Tami Tropf (Class Of 1967)  
Gary Tucker (Class Of 1962)  
Ernie White (Class Of 1972)  
Rick Wilden (Class Of 1969)  

Terry Seitz  

Mrs. Edrie Foster (Tiffany)  

Raymond B. Barnes  
Joyce Louise Cawdery (Elfering)  
Wilhelmina Maria "Babe" Smit (Yraguen)  
Lillian Wilkins  

Doris Simpson  

Gordon Hammerle  

William Spears  

Kathy Dix (Arritola)  
Mary K Joyce (Maag)  
LaVonna “Bonnie" Mansur (Peterson)  

June L. (Leafgren)  
Lucille Clark  
Phyllis C. Roff  

William Daly (Dale) Wilkins  

Dave Hawk  

Jim Arritola  
Gerald Cammann  
Hazel Justus  
Arnold Lewis  
Leonard Ruckman  
Fay Swan  
Stanford Wagg  

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